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Looks like you stumbled on my page. Well.. since you’re here.. Welcome! 

Just to keep you up to date, ‘My Pain‘ is released on all music platforms! There will be more releases coming in 2021.

Latest Track

You may have not heard of my previous music and that’s okay. Sort of okay. 

This year has been a real shitstorm. From police brutality — to the death of beloved celebrities — and even worse, our own personal issues that no one seems to ever understand. Depression, anxiety, and insecurities affect us daily.




If I had to recommend one good song for you to relate here in 2020 (or fucking ever) then it would be, ‘Can’t Sleep’. 


As you already know... With COVID-19 ripping through our cities and local communities, it’s been difficult to book gigs.

HOWEVER! I still like to perform for you anyway possible. I mean, look at what schools are doing now. That shit’s crazy. 
So if they can do virtual school, then I can surely give you a performance that you will forever remember.


Be sure to check out my Instagram so that you can tune in on virtual live shows. You’ll also be able to check out the calendar here on my website.


And if navigating this website is too much of a hassle (I hate it honestly) then put in your email address on the home tab. That way I can send you updates on new music and live performances without you ever having to click another damn tab on this cursed domain~